Toxic Crusaders Keshi Surprise Mini-Figures Trash Can Pack

$23.00 USD

Good luck, trash can! The classic rubber figures from the 1980's return in the Toxic Crusaders Keshi Surprise Mini-Figures Trash Can Pack! Packaged in a retro clear green plastic trash can with molded Toxie lid, this will feel just like some of those awesome wrestler figures you remember from the 1980s. Each can contains 12 different 1 3/4-inch inch figures in assorted colors with a random chase figure in each can. Characters may include Toxie, Junkyard, Psycho, Headbanger, Dr.Killemoff, and Radiation Ranger. Each translucent green can has 2 of each character in random different colors (Neon Green, Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Glow in the Dark Blue, Glow in the Dark Pink, Glow in the Dark Yellow. We cannot accept requests for specific colors. Trash can measures approximately 4-inches tall with a 2 3/4-inch diameter. Ages 15 and up.

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