Ghost-Spider Q-Fig Elite Diorama Figure

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There's a new superhero in New York City, swinging through town and dealing out justice: The mysterious Ghost-Spider is the latest phenomenon in arachnid-powered vigilantism! Gwen vaults across rooftops, keeping a watchful eye out for trouble while jammin' to her favorite tunes in the amazing Ghost-Spider Q-Fig Elite Diorama figure! Whether she's drumming for The Mary Janes or battling the Kingpin, Gwen's love of music is apparent in everything she does and in this incredibly detailed sculpt. This action-packed figure beautifully captures Gwen's parkour skills as she spells out "Ghost" with her web-shooters. Made with QMx's proprietary Everstone polymer, no one can match Gwen's grace or sass, the same way no other collectible could ever capture her Olympic-level acrobatics the way this Q-Fig does! This Ghost-Spider Q-Fig Elite Diorama stands approximately 4-inches tall including the display base and webbing and comes packaged in a window box. Don't forget to grab Miles Morales and Spider-Ham to complete the whole spidey-gang from QMx (each sold separately)!

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