Rick and Morty Pint Size Heroes

$3.00 USD

Your favorite characters from Rick and Morty are here as Funko Pint Size Heroes. Each vinyl figure measures 1 1/2-inches tall and that's the waaaaaay it goes!

Common assortment includes a 1/12 chance at Mr. Meseeks, Tinkles, or Unity.

TRU Exclusive assortment includes a 1/12 chance at Golf Caddy Mr. Meseeks, Zeep Xanflorp, or Morty Jr.

Both assortments include a 1/12 chance at Rick, Morty, Summer, Squanchy, Snowball, Mr. Poopy Butthole, Jerry, Beth, or Birdperson.

Please note: Items are in blind packaging and selection is random. We cannot accept requests for specific items, nor can we accept returns on opened items. You may receive duplicates. Duplicates can be traded at our discretion

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